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BSC's Copper Cable Department

We can furnish you with everything from RJ45 patch cords to custom cable harnesses. Including Category 5e ( CAT5e ), Category 6 ( CAT6 ), RS232, RS449, RS530, V.35, Token Ring, T1, SCSI, SCSI II, SCSI III, Avaya 525, Amphenol, RCA, 735A Coax, 734 Coax, DS3, and Peripheral Cables or assemblies. We can also provide custom made assemblies compatible with all of the major equipment manufacturers.

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BSC's Fiber Optic Cable Department

We can furnish your customers with custom assemblies using 8/125 Single-mode, 62.5/125 Multi-mode, and 50/125. We can provide most industry standard connectors including ST, SC, FDDI, FC, SMA, LC and MTP. BSC also offers pre-terminated multi-strand backbone cabling in innerduct to you save time and money on your installations.

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BSC's Telco Cable Department

We offer everything from 12 pair through 300 pair assemblies, including Category 3, Category 5E, DSR and ABAM cables. Custom lengths, special staggering of high pair count, and custom labeling. We also have the ability to provide pre-terminated 100 pair blocks for ease of installation.

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