Fiber Cables

Fiber Optic Cables

From premium cabling options to more cost-effective solutions, and everything in between, B.S. Cable can help get the job done with our massive variety of fiber cable assemblies, all housed in our state-of-the-art facility in Harleysville, PA. We also make use of the groundbreaking GL16 – AiO Interferometer for analyzing the end face geometry of single and multifiber connectors.

For each one of our assemblies, we test all terminations for insertion loss, meticulously inspect and polish all terminations, and provide test results digitally upon request. Since we’re loyal to our “Relentless Until a Solution Is Found” motto, we can even customize our products to your distinct needs or requirements.

C Series

C Series: Corning Gold Assemblies

As an elite cable assembly house (CAH) BSC is one of the very few organizations that meet the superior production and quality standards of the Corning Cable Systems CAH Connections Gold Program. In fact, we were one of the first CAHs to earn this certification, based on our history of manufacturing and business excellence over the years.

Due to our certification, Corning Cable Systems extends its Network Installers Program (NPI) to include single and 2-fiber patch cords manufactured by BSC for any project installed.

All these assemblies are made with Corning material and fall under the Corning warranty if they’re installed by a Certified NPI member.

T Series

T Series: TAA Compliant Fiber Jumpers

These cables all meet the requirements of the Trade Agreement Act for government schedule applications. At BSC, we manufacture these generic fiber jumpers with Corning glass and quality fiber optic connectors in our 10,000 sq. ft. facility.

For these assemblies, we hold our test results to the same standards as those with Corning Gold. Every single one of our assemblies is meticulously tested, and are shipped with certified test results.

E Series: Economy-Light Line

If you’re on a budget or looking for more cost-effective options, BSC has you covered. Our Economy-Light Line features high-quality jumpers, each one bagged with test results and 100% ROHS compliant. Our quality control department is ISO-certified and diligently batch tests our stock. This offers you a product you can count on, and is shipped the same day, with no drop ship fees or minimum order quantities.

Our vast selection of fiber cable assemblies features varieties of:


  • Singlemode 8.3/125 (OS2) Cabling
  • Multimode: 62.5 (OM1)
  • Multimode 50/125 (OM2-orange)
  • Multimode 50/125 (OM3-aqua)
  • Multimode 50/125 (OM4-aqua)

Strand Count

  • Simplex – Available in 2 or 3mm
  • Duplex Zip – Available in 2 or 3mm
  • 1-144 Fiber Indoor Distribution style cable (900um)*
  • 1-48 Fiber Fan-out style cable (2mm)*
  • 1-144 Fiber Micro Distribution*

Jacket Styles

  • Riser
  • Plenum
  • LSZH*
  • Outdoor rated/Water blocking*
  • Armored*
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Outdoor (Direct Burial)
  • Figure 8


  • LC
  • LC Uniboot/MSFP
  • LC Narrow Pitch
  • SC
  • ST
  • Stainless ST’s

Connectors (cont.)

  • MTRJ
  • ESCON*
  • D4*
  • FDDI*
  • SMA*
  • MU*
  • Polishes: UPC, APC (APC single mode only)


  • Mode Conditioning Patch Cords
  • Fiber Mating Sleeves
  • Attenuators

*based on availability.

Exceeding Expectations

Each one of our fiber assemblies is tested, and won’t be passed until they meet or exceed all manufacturer specifications. We also offer the option to install fiber on reels with pulling eyes, or to run multi-fiber through ductwork — all to save installers time and money on their projects.

At BSC, we have the wide selection and expert services to tackle any cabling job, task, or project. For more information on our fiber assemblies, or any of our products, contact us today.

Talk To Our Experienced Sales Staff

Talk To Our Experienced Sales Staff