Copper and Telco Cables

Copper Cables

Unfortunately, there is a trend in today’s cable assembly market with many vendors cutting corners and claiming that their tactics are actually “cost saving” measures. For instance, these manufacturers are either using non-UL approved cable and materials, or they are using something called Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA) conductors. When compared to genuine pure copper, CCAs are brittle, have a higher DC resistance, and are predisposed to oxidation. All of these factors not only make CCAs inferior to cables made with pure copper, but they lead to intermittent connections and can lead to network downtime.

We guarantee every single twisted pair we use is UL-approved and Non-CCA. Additionally, all cords built at BSC are TAA compliant, 100% tested for continuity, and batch tested to Category Cable “patch cord” standards. We even offer custom serial numbers or barcode labels and can send all test results digitally.

Telco Assemblies

Telco Assemblies

At BSC, we can build Telco assemblies in custom lengths to satisfy any customer’s needs or specifications. Because we enjoy relationships with industry-trusted cable supplies throughout the U.S., we can provide our high-quality products at affordable and cost-effective prices.

We feature a 3-day standard lead time on Telco orders, and each one is fully tested for continuity. Our Telco assemblies come in a variety of jacket styles, including PVC, Plenum, Riser, and Halogen-free.

RF Cable Assemblies

RF Cable Assemblies

Each of our RF Cable assemblies is built in the United States with only quality materials and dependable production techniques. They feature the ability to seep test, are 100% tested for continuity, and are built by our certified in-house solder/crimp instructors.

Audio/Video Assemblies and Electronics

For customers requiring A/V connectivity or conversions, we feature reliable and affordable solutions, all rigorously tested by our ISO-Certified quality control department. BSC offers everything from standard to custom-made cables from our thousands of configurations we have in our 10, 000 sq. ft. facility, located in the heart of Harleysville, PA. We can even ship stock items the very same day.

We feature a huge variety of copper cables, including:

  • Cat5e
  • Cat6
  • Cat6e
  • Cat6a
  • DS3
  • DS4
  • Telco
  • D-Sub Audio/Video Cables
  • SVGA
  • HDMI
  • Hydra Cables
  • V.35 Cables
  • Military Spec Assemblies
  • T-1 cables
  • Coax
  • Keyboard Cables
  • Parallel Cables
  • Serial Cables
  • RCA
  • Custom A/V harness Assemblies
  • Battery Cables
  • Custom Colors
Our telco cable assemblies include:
  • Cat3
  • Cat5e
  • Tinned Copper
  • DSR
  • HYDRA Assemblies
  • 25 Pair Assemblies
  • 50 Pair Assemblies
  • 100 Pair Assemblies
  • 300 Pair Assemblies
  • Pre-terminated blocks
  • ABAM Cables
  • Hydra Assemblies

We’re Here for You

At BSC, we’re dedicated to providing affordable and cost-effective cable assembly products for our customers. We understand that each job is different, and requires unique solutions. And it’s precisely why we’re here—to provide you with the tools you need to help you take on any project successfully.

For any questions on our copper and telco cables, or more information on our other products and services, contact us today.

Talk To Our Experienced Sales Staff

Talk To Our Experienced Sales Staff