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Our Story

It all started with a dusty, old table — a few modest pieces of lumber, and a handful of nails and screws to hold them all together. In 1984, the dust was wiped off this table, and it was dragged into a garage, where two chairs were placed. In one chair sat Barbara Bulen. In the other chair, Sue Gorman.

B.S. Cable Fiber

It was quite the simple setup, to say the least. Little did either of them know that they, their business, and this modest table were about to embark on a business journey that would span over three decades. Adopting the first letters from their names, B.S. Cable Company, Inc. was born. Barbara and Sue sought to provide customers with high-quality and reliable cable solutions. Since that time back in 1984, some things have changed, and some things haven’t.

For instance, as the company grew, and we moved from that humble garage setup to a new location in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, and we took the table with us. There, we again saw the Lansdale location had tremendous growth over the 20 years we were there, and during that time BSC added our fiber optic assembly line and our Corning Gold certification. But even though we expanded, we never forgot about our commitment to customer service and building dependable assemblies. In fact, we continued to grow until we moved again, to a larger facility, in 2008.

And today, we’re proud to say that very same table is still with us. It now sits in our 10,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art warehouse. This new facility, located in the heart of Harleysville, PA, was specifically designed to provide a pristine production environment, and we continue to invest in it to enhance our production methods and products. Not only has the size of our facility grown, but so has the number of our employees. We now boast over 75 members on our team, including a sales staff, engineering team, and everything in between — all to provide our customers with 100% satisfaction with our cable assemblies.

A Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment to industry distributors provides confidence in our product and business practices. Our salespeople are knowledgeable, experienced individuals that can talk directly to the end-user to obtain technical information or troubleshoot existing issues. Our fiber manufacturing process is audited by Corning annually as part of the Gold House program. In addition to the Corning Quality Control, we are also ISO certified.

At BSC, our employees are dedicated and loyal to not only our customers, but to their jobs as well. In fact, the average BSC employee has been with us for ten years. From our sales staff to the production team, our combined knowledge of cable assemblies is unsurpassed. We are committed to providing courteous and prompt customer service, quality cable assemblies, and creating business relationships that last years beyond the day we ship your first order.

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Talk To Our Experienced Sales Staff